We Buy Accident Damaged Cars

Whatever the damage to your car
and whatever the reason for you wanting to move on to another vehicle we are usually able to offer you more than you would think for your old car.

GR Autos Buyers of Accident Damaged Cars

We have an extensive workshop and buy to repair and then offer for resale. This way we can live up to our goal of improving the environment though reuse rather than breaking. After all if a car has another 5-10 years of life it’s sensible to keep it going as long as it is not uneconomical.

We will inspect the vehicle and offer a price and you are free to accept or refuse, there’s no obligation.


To arrange an appointment or to have any of your car selling questions answered, simply call us on:

07770 810 673 or 01772 792 877

You may also click our link below and we will do all the work for you via our FREE callback service.

GR Autos - We will call you back for free callback request