Scrap Car Buyers in Preston – Leyland – Chorley – Blackpool & The North West

We are committed to conserving vehicles and are usually able to offer more than just the average scrap car prices that you would typically get at a breakers or scrap yard weighbridge.

Scrap Car Buyers - Preston - Chorley - Leyland - Kirkham - Blackpool - Lancaster - Blackburn

We will:

  • Consider any vehicle
  • Inspect your scrap car for free
  • Recover it for free
  • Pay you the agreed amount in cash before loading your vehicle on to our loader
  • Ensure all paperwork is completed so the car is transferred legally


To arrange an appointment or to have any of your scrap car related questions answered, simply call us on:

07770 810 673 or 01772 792 877

You may also click our link below and we will do all the work for you via our FREE callback service.

GR Autos - We will call you back for free callback request