GR Autos Vehicle Diagnostics
GR Autos Vehicle Diagnostics

When a car develops a fault it is necessary to interrogate this device to extrapolate error codes – these relate to faults detected by the computer within the system from information provided by remote sensors within your vehicle.

Some of the things diagnostics are used to check for are:

  • Fuel Injector Performance
  • Ignition & Timing Problems
  • Braking Systems
  • The Throttle and Correct Opening/Closing of it
  • Coolant & Operating Temperatures
  • Air Temperatures & Flow
  • The Correct RPM Levels of the Engine
  • Crankshaft Positioning
  • Level of Contaminant build up in the Engine
  • Correct Ignition Due to Coils/Spark Plug Firing Problems.

If your car is showing an error code or symptoms of an impending failure (ie, raised engine temperature) then a diagnosis by interfacing with the on-board computer system may be required.


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