Car Servicing

It is important to ensure your car is properly serviced over its lifetime. It ensures its smooth running and enhances its life considerably. It also ensures that your car is fit for use on the road.

GR Autos - Car Servicing and Vehicle Repairs
GR Autos – Car Servicing and Vehicle Repairs

It allows detection of faults long before they become evident and a major cost. Just a badly tracked wheel alignment can cost you two front tyres! A good inspection routine is essential to enhancing the return on what is a significant investment.

Some other benefits include:

  • Safer Driving
  • Better Fuel Efficiency
  • Reduction in the Time Your Car is Off the Road Over its Lifetime
  • Less Chance of Costly Surprises
  • Less Engine Wear
  • An Overall Reduction in Repair Bills

Full Service

A full service is usually detailed in your car owners manual and can vary depending upon the make and model of your vehicle. It goes beyond a partial or intermediate service and addresses some of the major components of your vehicle which are affected by time and milage. One example of this would be the fitting or checking of the timing belt.

A longer and more detailed service for which we can price competitively.

Partial or Intermediate Service

These types of service address the typical service needs of a vehicle and may also include checks on some vital components.

This type of service is generally cheaper but still needs to be carried out.

Pre Winter Checks & Servicing

We also offer a pre-winter service aimed at ensuring your car is ready for motoring over the winter. Don’t be caught out by a failing battery or freezing coolant! Get ahead of the game and ensure your safe driving throughout the winter.


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